Building Tours

Building Virtual Tours

Building your Virtual Tour

Creating your Virtual Tour should take less than 5 minutes. Log onto and select “Create Tour”. You will be asked to enter a tour ID number. This is a unique number you will be using to access your tour on the internet. We recommend the MLS number or the property address.

Next choose the style of template you prefer. Once you have selected your template you will be directed to upload your first image. Click on the “browse” button and locate your first image from your hard drive. Then click “upload”.

After uploading your images you will now need to enter the property address, city, state and zip. Next you will enter your property description and are allowed up to 255 characters. Then enter a price and your preferred music selection. Preview your music selection by selecting “Preview”. Once you click “Submit” your tour is complete.

Your tour link will appear on the next screen. You can click on this link to view your tour or select “Edit Tour” to change images, add text to each image, change your music selection or modify the property description or price.

Next step: Linking your Virtual Tour