Preparing Photos

Preparing Photos for Virtual Tours

Preparing Photos

Now that you have all of your photographs downloaded onto your hard drive it is time to prepare your images for uploading to the web. But first lets talk about your options. Distinctive Home Tours offers three styles of virtual tours to meet your individual needs. Template 1, the “Slideshow”, Template 2, the “Video”, and Template 3, the “Broadcast”. Image sizes differ for each template and are as follows: (list on screen).

Resizing your images

Resizing images is easy. Open your image editing software or the software included with your digital camera. Locate the “cropping” tool, usually found on the main tool bar or under the “Image” or “Edit” dropdown menu, and then designate crop dimensions, in both width and height.

Saving your images

After resizing each image you must save the file as a JPEG. This is the most common format for images and is typically the default setting for most image editors. Choose File > Save As > then select the JPEG setting. To organize your photos you should save images in a unique folder and number them in a sequential order.

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